Monday, October 5, 2015

Delta Man: Gamma Humor

Vox asked me to write a follow up post about humor given the response to my previous post. I’m convinced that one of the reasons if not the main reason that Gammas constantly engage in snark, bad jokes, and cut-ups is for express reason of plausibly deniability of being wrong about something. The secondary reason is to indirectly take on men of higher ranks with as little chance of recourse as possible. 

Snide remarks – Gammas don’t make them towards attractive women ever and rarely against unattractive women. Why? Because it’s pure Game of trying to tear down men of other higher rank in their own manner. The Beta gives his instructions about something important (and of course the Gamma should really be in charge) and suddenly there’s a mumbled movie quote which is a shot at the Beta. If the Gamma is called on it he quickly replies, “Relax, I’m just joking.” If pressed. “No really.” (Panic starts to set in.) “I’m totally joking.”

Movie quotes – The Gamma has nothing really funny to say so he parrots something else which he found funny. He is so socially clueless he doesn’t think that perhaps other people in the world won’t find his humor so humorous. *squawk* “Come and see the violence inherent in the system.” *squawk* “He’s dead Jim. *squawk* “I’ll be back”. Once again if someone tells him to put a sock in it, “Relax, I’m just joking.”

It only spirals downward from there if a Gamma is given authority as they don’t know how to use it or when to use it. You’ll find a frustrating and weird use of humor about serious things from a Gamma boss, and when people as for clarification he’ll come back to “You’ll know when I’m serious.” Think about that for just a moment. It means an employee has to guess when a boss is serious about things. Who wants to work under those conditions? It is horrendous for moral and efficiency. This isn’t to say if you are a manager you can’t have a couple of employees which you can crack inside jokes with, but you can’t be flippant, or joke about anything of importance. This isn’t negotiable. You’ll have employees who loath you which is exactly why the Gamma does it in the first place, he wants people to like him.

It really comes back to the deep insecurity of the Gamma. Being “funny” all of the time gives him a way out, at least in his mind, of difficult situations. If you are insistent on trying to be “funny” all of the time you need to look good and hard at your motivations. Before you roll that movie quote off your tongue, before you make a snide remark about something catch yourself and ask, “Why?” Is this legitimately funny and appropriate, or am I doing it out of habit and fear of not being liked or wrong?

I have to include a paragraph about proper humor as I can hear the howls of protests from the Gammas. “You just want a boring, starched collar world of nothing!” No. Absolutely not. There are very few things better than hanging out with friends and family and having a good belly laugh about things. But if you think movie quotes, snide remarks, funny voices, and constant small jokes are equivalent you are clueless.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You lack culture, noble sir

According to Anton Chekhov, anyhow:
They are sincere, and dread lying like fire. They don’t lie even in small things. A lie is insulting to the listener and puts him in a lower position in the eyes of the speaker. They do not pose, they behave in the street as they do at home, they do not show off before their humbler comrades. They are not given to babbling and forcing their uninvited confidences on others. Out of respect for other people’s ears they more often keep silent than talk.

They do not disparage themselves to rouse compassion. They do not play on the strings of other people’s hearts so that they may sigh and make much of them. They do not say “I am misunderstood,” or “I have become second-rate,” because all this is striving after cheap effect, is vulgar, stale, false….
Translation from the Russian: don't be Gamma.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Delta Man: A simple plan

I heard Milo Yiannopoulos mention yesterday there are three ways guys can improve their odds with women and every guy can do at least one of them.
  • Make a lot of money.
  • Be really funny.
  • Hit the gym and get a great physique.
I agree, but want to cover what this means in the real world. The most important thing to remember is that these things aren’t binary, as in you look like a Greek god or you are a fat-neckbeard.
  1. Money – This is by far the most reliable and simplest way to attract a women as they are naturally drawn to the security wealth can bring. In practical terms if you want women 5+ you need to have a middle class income or higher for your part of the world. It’s not a straight linear progression as you make more though. For instance if you made $40K this year and then $50K the next you aren’t going to see the same percentage of increase in female attraction. If you went from $40K to $100K all of the sudden things change dramatically. What you are really doing is moving social class from middle to upper-middle and it will show. If you make less than middle class income you are going to have to improve your life in another area if you want average women.
  2. Humor – Forget about it unless you are funny enough to reliably and consistently get a good belly laugh from your friends with your comments. Being funny is not being able to recite Monty Python on command to a woman. In all likelihood you are not funny, you will never be really funny and you should not choose this as a way to attract women.  I’d say it really only works if you are so damn funny that you might be able to be paid as an actor as a comedian, otherwise do not rely on it. What’s more important is that you don’t want to be a humorless ass who gives Debbie Downer a run for her money, nor do you want your “humor” to consist of geek and nerd culture references. I cannot overstate the last point enough, there are effectively zero women who will think your Star Wars, Star Trek, video game, or anime jokes are funny. If she does actually laugh though, be glad because she really likes you and is just putting up with your dorkiness—for the time being.
  3. Physique – This is arguably in the grasp of every man, but is also one of the most difficult when it comes to mental discipline and toughness. The good news is that everyone is fat now so if you get in good shape you really will stand out, the bad news is that you are probably fat too. Keep in mind that you just have to outrun the slowest guy if the bear is chasing you so if you improve yourself over the average guy your age you are already ahead. In case you missed the news, women like men you are in physically good shape and minimal body fat. You can argue all day why this is true, but ultimately it doesn’t matter, just accept they are attracted to it.
So maybe you can’t do any one of these three things really well? It doesn’t matter, try to get average in two of them, above average in the third, and it will pay dividends. Maybe you are fat, but you make good money and are actually kind of the jolly fat guy, it can work. I’ve seen it work. The jolly fat man with a nice bank account probably isn’t landing 7+, but can date and marry the 5-6.  Look to improve in the areas above to improve your chances with women.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

How Gammas are made

Rollo explains the construction of the Gamma male:
I’ve met with countless men making a Red Pill transition in life who’ve related stories about the burdening influence of their domineering mothers and Beta supplicating fathers leading to them being brought up to repeat that Blue Pill cycle. I’ve also counseled guys who were raised by their single mothers who had nothing but spite and resentment for the Alpha Asshole father who left her. They too took it upon themselves to be men who sacrifice their masculinity for equalism in order to never be like Dad the asshole. I’ve met with the guys whose mothers had divorced their dutiful fathers to bang their bad boy tingle generating boyfriends (whom they equally despised) and they too were molded by their mother’s Hypergamous decisions.

And this is what I’m trying to emphasize here; in all of these upbringing conditions it is the mother’s Hypergamous doubt that is the key motivating influence on her children. That lack of a father with a positive, strong, dominant Frame puts his children at risk of an upbringing based on that mother’s Hypergamous self-questioning doubt. Add to this the modern feminine-primary social order that encourages women’s utter blamelessness in acting upon this Hypergamous doubt and you can see how the cycle of creating weak, gender confused men and vapid entitled women perpetuates itself.
This is something that fathers need to keep in mind. Sacrificing your own interests and opinions in order to "keep the peace" of the household is a fool's game and is destructive to your children. Both male and female children need to see you be the man, because the alternative is a parody of masculinity serving as their model.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Please to ignore women in public

Don't talk to them. Don't make eye contact. In fact, better not have anything to do with them. Just buy a sex robot.

Women: where did all the good men go?

Question: is it disrespectful for a woman to entertain herself on the Metro?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's hard to resist

Those sexy, sexy alpha thugs:
A female police officer was kicked out of the force after admitting having a fling with a criminal. Clare Sherman-Potts, 25, was supposed to be looking after the prolific offender and help stop him reoffending.

But she confessed to her bosses she had started a sexual relationship with the offender, after meeting him at a party of a mutual acquaintance.

She was sacked without notice for gross misconduct on Monday, September 28, after admitting having a short relationship with the criminal between April 10 and June 4.
Frankly, I'm surprised they kicked her off the force. I wonder how long it will be before women demand the right for female police officers to have sex with felons. Love is love, after all.

And who isn't to say she wasn't helping him? A little positive incentive never hurt anyone.

"Did you shoplift anything today? Beat anyone up?"

"Nah, I bin a good lad, officer."

"Well done, then! Com'ere, you sexy thang!"