Monday, August 3, 2015

Delta Perspective: You need a bit of luck

Whatever your worldview you can call it luck, fate, or Providence you need at least a little of it in your lifetime. If you talk to any honest, financially successful person they will admit that luck played at least a small role in their success. You can’t build that multi-million dollar company if you get hit by an out of control bus on the way to your first office.

It’s easy to be fooled by fortune and attribute it to your success. This happens all of the time with stock pickers who think they have a brilliant technique for picking stocks until they don’t, and end up broke. The a good example to is to take a room full of people and have them start to flip coins and almost inevitably someone will go on a long streak of only one side coming up. They aren’t a superior coin flipper and if they went around claiming how good they are after their streak nobody would take them seriously.

How does this apply to Game? You’ll need a bit of luck. That’s all there is to it and the thought of that can be a tough pill to swallow, but once you come to terms with it you can focus on the things you can control. You can’t control that the hot girl you hit it off with phone’s battery went dead while you tried to call her and it never went through. She never got the call, and you thought she wasn’t really interested. What you can control is putting yourself in position so that the next time a girl comes along you like you have another opportunity.

This means improving yourself to coin the NFL cliché “to make the most of your opportunities.” It’s a throwaway line now, but true. Increase your game, hitting the gym when you really don’t want to go, and don't give up when you hit a tough spot. You’ll spend 90%+ of your time just preparing, but once properly prepared that 10% of luck that factors in suddenly pays off. If you don’t shave, wear wrinkled clothes, and put on 15 pounds because you were upset that she didn’t call you back and then bump in to her again, then what? Be ready, because eventually the coin will flip heads up a few times in a row and you want to be prepared.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Delta Perspective: Don’t put up with it

There’s no excuse for a woman to mock, berate, nag, nitpick, or otherwise shame her husband or boyfriend in if she has any desire to stay in the relationship with the man. Gammas take perpetual abuse from their women, and many Deltas do too.

Put a stop to it your life immediately. If you are married or otherwise in a long term relationship be prepared for a fight when you start to stand up to her. First, clean up your own act and take the lead. If you berate her for no reason stop it. So clean up your social media if need be, and immediately stop being petty for no reason. End the name calling, insults, and passive aggressive behavior. If she’s mocked you on social media tell her you want all of it removed. If you are dating or married then this is non-negotiable. If she balks, then explain to her you are now seeking out a new girlfriend who will show you respect. She’ll probably do as you ask, but if she doesn’t she has contempt for you and good riddance.

If you are married then the stakes are higher and you are in for a fight. Explain to your wife that this is not unacceptable in your household and she is not treating you with respect. Put her on the spot; specifically ask her why she refuses to respect her husband by airing dirty laundry and insulting him in public and private. If she still refuses I have some bad news for you: your marriage is in serious jeopardy and I suggest start getting prepared for a divorce. One of the top signs of an impending divorce is that one or more spouses have contempt for the other. In other words, if she continually insults you in public and private and refuses to apologize for it she has contempt for you and she will soon be gone.

In all likelihood there won’t be a divorce or breakup over this issue. Many times it’s an escalating problem in which the wife or girlfriend didn’t do it very much at the start of the relationship, but the man just let her get way with more and more until she’s critiquing every little thing he does and complains non-stop. What’s the best way to stop the fault-finding? If you are in the middle of doing something and she’s nitpicking it, stop what you are doing and hand it to her then quietly walk off. The first time will be explosive and then explain to her that if she nitpicks you again in the middle of a project it becomes her responsibility. It will stop overnight. If she airs dirty laundry ask her why she’s doing it. If she’s insulting you unfairly ask for an apology, even in front of others if she continues the behavior.

The attitude to take is one of firm confidence when making this change and be prepared for her to be shocked, angry, but ultimately happier. What sort of woman does not want to respect the man she is with? Who wants to be known as a nag, or bitchy? Women feel secure when they know that their boyfriends and husbands won’t take shit from people, even them.

Feminist Guidebook 2015

The anti-feminist memes are not only growing, but they are showing definite signs of #GamerGate influence. This is a good thing.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two standards are not a double-standard

Keoni Galt explains the very difficult math of sexual dynamics, namely, 1+1!=1.
It’s not that there is a double standard, it’s just that there are two different standards: one for men, one for women – and the standards for each are simply based on what they each brought to the table by virtue of the formerly accepted and widely understood division of labor, which was based on gender sex. This was the essential paradigm of the institution we now refer to as marriage 1.0.

There cannot be this so-called sexual double-standard, because a man’s contribution to the nuclear family unit was his capacity to be a provider, not his sexual purity. A woman could find a willing virgin who has no provider capacity to marry her…but her own hypergamous instincts would cause her to view him as less than adequate in terms of marriage material, his sexual purity notwithstanding.

Women complaining about this mythical double-standard, would be the equivalent to men complaining that more marriages should have the women be the providers while the men stay home, keep house and raise the kids.
That suggests the ultimate response to a woman complaining about "a double-standard". "Wow, math IS hard, Barbie!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alphas are bullies

This should come as precisely zero surprise to anyone. The most vicious bullies are always those most desperate to increase their status:
Bullying behaviors are linked to higher self-esteem, social status, and a lower rate of depression, according to a new provocative study. Researchers at Simon Fraser University observed a group of high school students finding that bullies had the highest self esteem, greatest social status, and were less likely to be depressed, as reported by National Post.

“Humans tend to try to establish a rank hierarchy,” Jennifer Wong, a criminology professor who led the study, told the Post. “When you’re in high school, it’s a very limited arena in which you can establish your rank, and climbing the social ladder to be on top is one of the main ways … Bullying is a tool you can use to get there.”

Wong notes that many anti-bullying initiatives try to change the behavior of bullies, but often don’t work. This is likely because behavior is hard-wired and not learned, she says. Experts suggest that schools might expand competitive, supervised activities as an alternative outlet to channel dominating behavior.

The new study surveyed 135 teenagers from a Vancouver high school using a standard questionnaire. Questions included things like how often individuals were hit or shoved. Researchers then categorized the students into four groups: bully, bystander, victim, or victim-bully.

About 11 percent of the group was categorized as bullies and they scored highest on self-esteem, social status, and lowest on depression, according to study.

In a separate study, Tony Volk, a Brock University psychologist, found among 178 teenagers surveyed, bullies also were more sexually active.

“The average bully isn’t particularly sadistic or even deeply argumentative,” he says. “What they really are is people driven for status.”
This may actually help explain a key difference between sigmas and alphas, as well as why the two sexual alpha-variants tend to harbor a certain amount of dislike for one another. Sigmas are not bullies, and most of them tend to actively dislike bullies of any rank. Alphas bully in order to maintain their social status, although to be fair, they don't tend to be vicious like the gamma bullies desperately trying to keep themselves from being perceived as omegas.

Perhaps because I was bullied quite a bit at a very young age, but I have a very strong and somewhat violent instinctive reaction to bullying. My senior year of high school, I got in trouble for beating up a fifth-grader, although in truth I did nothing more than pick him up by the throat, throw him up against a brick wall, and make him wet his pants while expanding his vocabulary.

I was called into the dean's office by the incredulous dean, who was very curious to know why a senior who had never gotten into any of that sort of trouble in the six years he'd known me would beat up a little kid after school and do so in front of practically the entire elementary school while wearing my letter jacket. (Apparently there were more than a few complaints made by various parents and teachers.) It wasn't exactly an inconspicuous affair.

After I explained that while picking up my little brothers, my third-grade brother had come to the car and said that a big mean fifth-grader had knocked down our first-grade brother and was making him cry, he closed his eyes and started shaking his head. By the time I explained that I had left the car running in the road and that my ninth-grade brother had literally gone over the hood and arrived right behind me, he was grinning. And after he called our mother, and was informed that the only way we would have been punished at home is if we hadn't promptly dealt with the little shit and put the fear of God and big brothers into him, he was chuckling.

I still intensely dislike bullying and those who needlessly seek to throw their weight around. And their tendency to bully others, however lightly, is one reason why I tend to respect alphas more than like them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

He's not your girlfriend

Camille Paglia posits that the the unhappiness of successful women is unrealistic expectations of men:
Wherever I go to speak, whether it’s Brazil or Italy or Norway, I find that upper-middle-class professional women are very unhappy. This is a global problem! And it’s coming from the fact that women are expecting men to provide them with the same kind of emotional and conversational support and intimacy that they get from their women friends.  And when they don’t get it, they’re full of resentment and bitterness.  It’s tragic!

Women are blaming men for a genuine problem that I say is systemic.  It has to do with the transition from the old, agrarian culture to this urban professional culture, where women don’t have that big support network that they had in the countryside.  All four of my grandparents and my mother were born in Italy.  In the small country towns they came from, the extended family was the rule, and the women were a force unto themselves.  Women had a chatty group solidarity as they did chores all day and took care of children and the elderly.  Men and women never had that much to do with each other over history!  There was the world of men and the world of women.  Now we’re working side-by-side in offices at the same job.  Women want to leave at the end of the day and have a happy marriage at home, but then they put all this pressure on men because they expect them to be exactly like their female friends.  If they feel restlessness or misery or malaise, they automatically blame it on men.  Men are not doing enough; men aren’t sharing enough.  But it’s not the fault of men that we have this crazy and rather neurotic system where women are now functioning like men in the workplace, with all its material rewards.
Of course, having been deprived of their traditional world, men have built a virtual one in which most women are not comfortable. I'm not sure I agree with her, although it would explain why so many women seem determined to transform men into women, as well as why so many of the losers appear willing to oblige.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Delta Perspective: Suit Up

Starting this week it’s time to make a change in your closet and dress better. This isn’t about wearing dress slacks everywhere, but rather about being deliberate with your choices for the day.

  • Shave every work day.
  • Dress a bit nicer than the average co-worker.
  • Dress like a man, not a boy.
  • Throw out old clothes you wear in public.
There’s no excuse not to shave before work if you have the opportunity. It’s unprofessional and makes you look like you don’t care if you are there. If you sport some facial hair keep it properly trimmed and looking nice.

Whatever your dress code is at work follow it and then dress half a step nicer to stand out just a little. Don’t go overboard; you just need to have neatly pressed shirts and pants of good material. Many good shirts are wrinkle-free. Don't look disheveled at work.

If you are over the age of 25, stop dressing like a teenager or college guy. This means dumping the shirts with the messages which were never clever in the first place, make sure your cargo shorts don’t look like you got them out of a wad when you put them on, and stop wearing sneakers everywhere, all of the time. Get some casual shoes to wear rather than just sneakers. [Show a little style by matching the color of your shirt to your casual shoes; women may make cracks about Geranimals, but that means they noticed. -VD]

Get a trash bag and sort through your closet this week donating anything which is old, threadbare, not nice for what it is, or doesn’t fit anymore.  A t-shirt on Saturday is fine, but make sure it’s a good t-shirt (you know there are grades of the things), and not something that you mow the lawn in. You only need a handful of clothes for the gym and dirty work.

Make sure your accessories look good. Invest in an electric shoe polisher and use it occasionally. Check your belt to make sure the leather isn’t cracked. Put on a nice watch and good ring if you have it, but leave off gaudy jewelry.

It’s better to own seven good shirts than 20 old and worn-out shirts. Very few people, even at work will keep track of your clothes, but they will notice if you wear cheap or lousy clothes. 

The main point is that whenever you are going to be around the public, make a little effort and wear appropriate, nice clothes. Not only will it give you confidence people will notice even if they don’t say anything.